Complex construction disputes are often decided by judges or juries who have no construction experience. To overcome this challenge, the Carlin Law Group, APC, uses cutting edge computer document management and presentation technologies in the analysis and advocacy of client cases.

An average box of construction project documents contains approximately 2,500 pages. A typical construction project can have hundreds of thousands of pages of paper and electronic documents. By using computer based document management technology the Carlin Law Group, APC, can efficiently and effectively organize, identify and analyze all of a project’s relevant documents. Although this process may appear to be cost intensive initially, it ultimately reduces attorney’s fees and costs incurred by clients by eliminating inefficient manual organization, retrieval and analysis of documents.

By creating a password protected searchable construction project document database, accessible from anywhere in the world with a secure high speed internet connection, the Carlin Law Group, APC, is able to concurrently, effectively and economically work with geographically diverse clients and experts to identify the few key documents upon which a client’s case can be won or lost.

Once key documents are identified, they can be efficiently referenced during depositions, written discovery, mediation, arbitration and/or trial. By utilizing its unique computer based document presentation system, the Carlin Law Group, APC, can effectively highlight and persuasively present written, digital, photographic, video and/or animated evidence that is integral to a successful client outcome.